Hilary Eats Summer Strawberry Oats

Strawberry Season & Summer Oats


Strawberries are beautiful. They are super antioxidant and a low sugar fruit.  As a bonus for a dessert choice, they can even help regulate our blood sugar levels! Their delicate fragrance and tender flesh are an indulgent fruit which sparks memories of sitting at my Grandmother’s breakfast table eating them in quarters with cottage cheese or cream.

I have since ditched the cream and found healthier combinations. Dairy and berries, although delightful on the palate, are not a great food combination. Acidic fruit plus lactose = digestive unease and excess mucous, aggravating allergies and makes it harder to get over a cold.

Oats soaked overnight in almond milk are a much more body and planet friendly breakfast. Soaking oats makes them more digestible and the nutrients more available to your body. Try this healthier breakfast, beautiful summer strawberries with a dash of cardamom and a squeeze of fresh orange juice.

Summer Strawberry Oats
Prep Time: soaking overnight, but active time is only 10 mins
Serves: 1

75g  of rolled or steel cut oats (about one small handful)
100ml your plant milk of choice (I use almond & brown rice blend)
dash of ground cardamom
50g of hulled, chopped strawberries
1/2 an orange or splash of fresh orange juice
optional: squeeze of honey & chopped pistachios on top

Soak the oats in the almond milk with the dash of cardamom overnight in the fridge. In the morning, hull (take the tops off) and chop the strawberries however you like and add the squeeze of juice. If you have some time, let them soak in the juices for a bit. The acid of the orange will make the berries’ natural sugars more pronounced and some of the strawberry juice release. Toss them on top of the oats, add an optional squeeze of honey and a tablespoon of chopped pistachios.

Weekend Version
When I want a little more indulgence or luxury, I use a big spoon of coconut yogurt on top and let the berries soak in Grand Marnier and the orange juice for at least an hour, the strawberries release their juices and soak up a little alcohol, divine.

Note that strawberries (most berries actually) are among the most pesticide laden fruits. Always buy organic/biological, local and seasonally if possible. Frozen and bio is better than fresh conventional, especially out of season. Don’t rinse them until you are right about to eat them or they become water logged! Further, eat them as soon as they leave the shop, they have about 2 days shelf life until vita-antiox-goodies die off.

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