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Chocolate for Breakfast & Magnesuim Cravings


Chocolate for Breakfast! Why not? Cacao is a powerhouse of antioxidants. It is a superfood bursting with vitamins and key minerals.  It’s no mystery why we crave it. Cravings are our body’s way of telling us what we are missing on a basic nutrient level. Magnesium is probably what you are missing if you are craving chocolate.

Magnesium is arguably the most important mineral in our bodies. It is the base of our most important cellular functions, key for hormonal regulation, brain functioning, sound sleep and muscle recovery. When we don’t get enough in our diet, our body pulls it from our bones and we experience the results of deficiency (link to Osteoperosis in women). Anxiety, insomnia, restless legs, headaches, hair and skin problems, all are symptoms of low levels of magnesium.

Listen to that craving! If you have your chocolate without the sugar of a chocolate bar and consume it early in the day, you avoid any sleep interruption from the caffeine. A bit of banana and stevia make this feel naughty, even though it’s not at all.

Cacao & Hemp Protein Shake 
25g of cacao powder
2 handfuls of spinach
1/3 of a large, very ripe banana
30g scoop of hemp protein of choice, I use GOOD Hemp Protein
110 ml of unsweetened plant milk, I use almond
250ml of water, you can add more after you blend and taste for consistency
3-4 drops of liquid stevia

Throw all the ingredients in the blender and enjoy. Lifehack: break overripe bananas into thirds and freeze them. They are perfect to emulsify a smoothie, especially with greens in it. Makes it all come together nicely.

Calories 237/ Protein 23g/ Fat 8g/ Carbs 26g/ Fiber 16g/ Sugar 7g

Bottoms Up!

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