Summer Strawberry Oats

Eating consciously to me means mostly plants and cooking mostly from scratch. I favour a pan-global cuisine and gravitate to Mexican, Japanese & Korean influences, home fermented and pickled foods. Moderation in all things is my ethos, thus I don’t demonise any balanced diet or natural whole food, not so in to labels yet I do work around a few preferences and food intolerances, which excludes dairy from a lot of my cooking and non-cultured soy (e.g. no soy milk, meat replacements, protein isolate or much tofu), which can block nutrient uptake and create hormonal imbalances. I do enjoy the occasional ethically sourced animal product like eggs or perhaps fish.

I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Sustainable Development with a focus on threats to Food Systems at Harvard University, where I also worked as a Research Assistant. This means I care how and where food was grown and that I take a slightly academic approach when writing about food and nutrition. I enjoy that process and also capturing or at least understanding the historical, cultural and even economic influences at play. In short, I’m a natural food nerd.

A Certified Holistic Nutritionist, I have also been a Private Dining Cook and now, Food Writer and Entrepreneur with a small eatery called FENTO where Healthy Mexican with a South Asian twist is served – tropical vibes in a healthy disguise in the The Foodhallen, Amsterdam.